Yoga's first appearance came at the age of 15, whilst watching my dad practice regularly - every morning before going to work. This admiration of self-discipline was and continues to be my inspiration twenty years later.
My interest further deepened at the age of 18 after attending classes back home in Spain (Málaga) with Simon Guido Purtschert, who taught Hatha Yoga for free and would organize annual trips to a Yoga and Musical festival in Rishikesh.

I eventually made it to Rishikesh, where I carried out my first Teacher Training in 2012.
Before embarking on a teaching path, I decided to undergo further training, travel and practice with other teachers.


Yoga has been and continues to be an invaluable tool in my journey and one that I am passionate about sharing with others.


Understanding the architecture of Yoga takes a lifetime. Putting into practice what you have learned on the mat and applying it to your life can be done on a daily basis. Different Yoga elements and techniques, will teach you how to learn to be more present - by living more in the body, rather than in the mind. 


Class Types

Yoga For Children

A fun and creative practice for children of all ages which includes postures, storytelling, breathing and relaxation.
Yoga teaches children in a playful and invisible way how to concentrate, increase self-confidence and improve their motor skills.

Restorative Yoga

A class that may be more challenging for the mind rather than for the body which involves staying in and practising stillness for extended periods of time. The props assist in helping you to hold poses longer. The aim is to calm the body and mind whilst being wholly present.

Dynamic Yoga

Flow through a sequence of postures using Ujjayi Pranayama, whilst easing tension and creating space in both the body and mind.
An energising and uplifting practice which includes sun salutations, a variety of strength, balance and flexibility building postures... and a well-earned relaxation.



Savita Khemlani

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