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My aim is to ensure that Yoga is not just seen purely as a physical practice but rather as a holistic one, a journey in which we are constantly recycling ourselves, witnessing the mind's patterns and gradually learning how to stop those that no longer serve us.

Classes are made accessible for all levels and are aimed at getting to the core of our true self by aligning the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and intuitive layers of which we are made of.


First class is free - please email or call if you'd like to attend a session.

Thereafter, classes are £10 for a drop-in session.

Register as member to get a Class Pack of 5 sessions for £45. 

Classes are held at:

Ealing Green Church

Parlour Room

 Ealing  Broadway W5 5QT1


Please note: I will be out of town until mid February 2020. Classes will resume nearer to that date and the timetable will be updated accordingly.
For those who have been in touch, I will email you once I'm back to confirm the date/time/venue.

In any case, feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions.